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Clinical courses

Below are our upcoming clinical courses. We will be publishing 10 new courses every month.

Please note: These are aligned with the NICE publication schedule and are therefore subject to change.

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome – Diagnosis and Management
Deep Gluteal Syndrome – A Course for Primary Care
DVLA Guidance
Frailty and the Consequences
Headache Assessment
Interpreting Blood Tests
Personality Disorders – Diagnosis and Management
Sickle Cell Disease – Diagnosis and Management
Sprains and Strains – Diagnosis and Management
Urticaria – Diagnosis and Management
Coeliac Disease – Diagnosis and Management
Contraception – Barrier Methods – Assessment and Management
Contraception – Emergency – Assessment and Management
Contraception – General Assessment and Management of Women with Co-morbidities
Contraception – LNG-IUS and Cu-IUD – Assessment and Management
Contraception – Natural Family Planning Methods – Assessment and Management
Contraception – Progestogen-Only Implant and Injectables
Contraception – Progestogen-Only Pill
Contraception – Sterilization – Assessment and Management
Crohn's Disease – Diagnosis and Management
Anticoagulants – DOACs
Anticoagulants – Warfarin
Cough – Diagnosis and Management
Fibromyalgia – Diagnosis and Management
Immunizations – Childhood
Immunizations – Pneumococcal
Immunizations – Travel – Overview
Immunizations – Travel – Vaccines
Myaesthenia Gravis – Diagnosis and Management
Shoulder Pain Assessment

Statutory & Mandatory courses

Below are our upcoming statutory & mandatory courses. We will be publishing at least three new courses every month.

Please note: the publishing schedule is subject to change in alignment with legislation and national guidance.

DVLA Guidance
Female Genital Mutilation
Customer Care
Pressure Ulcer Awareness
Pressure Ulcer Management
Reducing Costs and Saving Energy
Repeat Prescriptions
Risk Management
Absence Management
Carer Awareness
Working at Heights
Anticholinergic Burden in the Elderly
Atrial Fibrillation (AF) Awareness
Controlled Drugs
Pre-Operative Assessment
Root Cause Analysis
Summary Care Records
Catheter Care
Food Hygiene
Waste Management
Palliative Care - General Issues