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Q. How do I find a course?

A. Select ‘Clinical’ or ‘Statutory & Mandatory’ from the main menu at the top of the page. This will take you to the relevant section where you can browse all available courses, filter by specialty in clinical e-learning, or free text search for a specific course.

Q. Can I suggest a new course?

A. Yes, we would be very interested in receiving suggestions for new courses. We will build these requests into our work plan and publication schedule, if we agree that a wider audience would find your suggestion useful.

Q. How is the content produced?

A. Our team of clinical authors devise clinical courses, which are aligned with NICE Clinical Knowledge Summaries to ensure content is up to date and relevant to primary care.

The statutory and mandatory courses are written by the same authors and aligned with national guidance from regulators, Health and Safety Executive, NHS England and the Core Skills Framework.

Q. Do I have to complete a course in a single sitting?

A. No, you can exit a course at any point, and it will resume at the point you left it.

Q. How do I access my CPD certificate?

A. Accessing your CPD certificate for each course is very simple. Once you have completed any course you will be presented with an on-screen button asking if you would like to download your certificate. Click this button and your certificate with your name, completion date and title will be downloaded. You can then choose to save or print.

Q. Where will my CPD information be stored?

A. If you have a Clarity Doctors account and you complete a course you will be able to edit the information relating to that course in your appraisal, including time spent and any reflection that you have on the course.

If you have a TeamNet account, your statutory and mandatory course information will also be stored in TeamNet. Assigned courses which you have passed will be visible to you and to your primary contact.

Q. Will my multiple choice score be recorded, stored or uploaded to my appraisal?

A. The multiple-choice questions at the end of each clinical course are optional. The score you achieve is not recorded, stored, or uploaded to your appraisal.

For the statutory and mandatory training you must achieve a score of 80% or higher in order to pass. If you do not achieve this score you will need to re-take the course. Once you have passed the course this score is recorded and stored, and your certificate made available.

Q. Will my appraiser or responsible officer be able to see my MCQ scores?

A. No. These scores are visible only to you and not stored or recorded anywhere unless you choose to record this manually in your Clarity Appraisals portfolio.