Learning Disability and Autism Awareness in Primary Care – Tier 1

Text 60 mins CPD 80% required to pass

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  • Designed for all primary care staff to assist with their understanding of the principles relating to the concept of Learning Disability Awareness and the practice of this concept in the context of primary care.
  • Contains a case study and multiple-choice questions.


During this course you will learn:

  • The definition of learning disability.
  • Why an awareness of learning disability is important.
  • Why specifically this is important in primary care.
  • What range of conditions are covered by the term learning disability.
  • What issues you may encounter in primary when dealing with people with learning disabilities.
  • How to make reasonable adjustments to help a person with learning disabilities.
  • Where to signpost patients and carers for help and support.
  • Where to look for further help and advice.

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